Conduit financing parameters
Major changes are taking place in the conduit market, all for the better. Let CWMC show you how we can take advantage of these changes.

As the economy recovers, we see the commercial mortgage market in the form of commercial mortgage backed securities (Conduits) returning. CWMC has relationships with the new order of CMBS Lenders for shopping center/retail mortgages, office building mortgages and industrial/distribution properties. At this time, we are actively seeking loan requests over $1 million. CWMC remains a tireless and fair advocate for our clients and we are entirely results oriented.

Conduit Loan Parameters:

Term: 5, 7 or 10 years

Amortization: Up to 30 years. IO periods on request

Rate: Fixed at a spread over interpolated treasury corresponding to term

LTV/DSCR ratios: Multi-family - max 80% min 1.20 Office - max 75% min 1.25 Anchored Retail - max 80% min 1.25 Unanchored Retail - max 75% min 1.30 Industrial - max 75% min 1.25 Self Storage max 70% min 1.30 Hotel max 70% min 1.45

Prepayment: Lockout followed by defeasance

Escrows: Taxes, insurance, reserves

Reports: Appraisal, Environmental Phase I, Property Condition Report

Application Deposit: varies on a deal by deal basis refundable less 3rd party report costs expended

Origination Fee: 1%

Assumption: Permitted for one time 1% fee plus underwriting costs






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